If a light cigarette can be just as dangerous as a regular, why do they call them light?

Perhaps it’s so you don’t forget how to use it on account of it being different….? 
A person could absent-mindedly take it out of the packet and stub it straight out in an ashtray if they were so desirous of a smoke with less tar/nicotine, the term ‘light’ could be used to remind them it still has to be smoked to be in with any chance of a fatal disease…

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5 Responses to If a light cigarette can be just as dangerous as a regular, why do they call them light?

  1. Fewer calories if you eat it instead of lighting it?
    *grins! MG

  2. Grampa_David says:

    The tobacco companies’ strategy is to fool people into thinking the cigarettes labeled ‘light’ are less dangerous. However that is one big fat lie! Smoking cigarettes will put you under a serious risk of dying long before you should – of a range of diseases including (but not confined to) heart trouble; emphysema; stroke and several varieties of cancer!

  3. O RLY?
    Dude,  you should update.  Like,  people miss you.

  4. @Dare2BDiferentt – Hi,  thanks for spotting I’m here less…., I took the Summer off, from computing, and having returned to the indoor pursuits, I’ve rather picked up some other electronickery…., 🙂 we’re getting the band back together (or forming one, depending on how you look at it) – quite busy with it, but I could still post a weblog a day at least, no excuse really…, I’d just fallen back on my notepad & pencil is all – I love sketching….. I will recommence with a post using a sketch I did and then remastered on the pc – a mathematical [Boolean algebraic] grasp of self & universe – if you keep your eye$ peeled but still need a search term, it’s called “Tell U It’s Me”

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