Between a Rock & a Hard Place

    It will come as no surprise to learn I’ve been abstract with my musing, that while not surreal the subject is just not quite in the natural scope of things or that the scale it’s on is more than a leap mankind is ready to take at present…   I am Founder Chairman of the AwesMauler Technology Corporation after all…..  – One day, I promise the reality you [tele]connect to will be as purely sampled and transmitted as if you went there & experienced it first hand for yourself – from phone calls to large scale multimedia events!  …& having seen the girl with such an adverse reaction to even mild UV that a life-saving operation still cost her the sight in one eye, there’s hardly a more worthy cause than to pipe reality round the world without giving rise to dangerous exposure, fit inducing bit-rate glitches, intermittent service connection, processing/bandwidth limitations, bottlenecks or loss of connectivity….

   So, perhaps dwelling upon a brave new world to some degree of excess for all of everyone’s liking, I hope I may yet entertain or inspire a few, and present, ‘The Stylus’, the highest peak in a mountain range of the same name at around 40,000ft high with a 400ft needle point peak – and the plan to take it down a notch without knocking the top off….;

The Stylus Range

Left column text;
The stylus is the most famous peak of the entire range, it cannot be climbed without more assistance than has been used for every successful Everest & K2 expedition combined.  It would also be folly as the actual peak cannot be stood on – it truly is a needle point & wind-speed around it hardly ever drops below 50mph when the air temperatures are mixed up as the weather cycles past.
  Due to the environmental impact, plans to convert it to harvest energy any which way are under constant consideration.

Right column text;
With a central ridge of highest peaks, & of them one that is so high it’s only known symbiotism is with the climate itself as the annual weather pattern cycles a rising warm breeze past and which is cooled to a degree that depends on the speed of the system passing & how deep into it the peak goes, it’s called ‘the stylus’ and is said to set the record straight…

The Stylus

Ultimately, as a menace to the desired climate, a project goal that preserves the mountain in it’s entirety is unveiled, marking ‘The Stylus’ for complete encasement while preserving access to all areas – a 40.000ft indoor climbing centre harnessing the natural rock face of a mountain & servicing inhospitable extremes with tolerable temperatures, manageable windspeeds, breatheable oxygen levels & while making it safe even for beginners.

  Harnessing The Stylus in this way additionally integrates a climate control device – left alone, it’s cooling effect tempers an increase, while piping heat & keeping the uppermost areas open for use ensures the best effort to prevent a fall.

  Given time the mountain is also mined & made accessible as a complex of interconnected hollows, some even serve as premium residences.

  While at present it seems off the scale, it is a consideration for generations to come with the prospect of terra-forming new worlds as a likely or very real aspect of any jobsearch endeavour….

   This all made me think of the kind of indoor spaces it would create and how it opens the door to a glut – the gamut – of all mountain environment simulation scenarios…, this is of course why I brainstorm – one thing inevitably leads to another, a possibility often becomes evident from appreciating multiple ways of approaching any given idea, and I so desire good things that even without any first steps being taken, if nothing like this is achieved in my lifetime, there’s still going to be a myriad of things left behind by all who share ideas and inspiration to be going along with 🙂 



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