Break the Cycle ad

      I just saw this advert on E4, strikes me if there’s a reason to make an advert like this and it’s cleared for broadcast – even with a guidance rating – that any government overseeing/administrating the running of that country has deposed itself, brought to it’s knees begging the electorate to be the civilisation it purports it is while being the country’s ambassador to the world…, failed and asking for the guidance it would ordinarily be said to provide in all matters of being human, resource or environment.

  Y’know I’m sure it’s a formula that doesn’t impose on the elemental aspect of an individual – the DNA as a molecular and physical entity given a completely realised inner-space sanctuary of his/her own and with the common traits people share for bridging and merging between each person’s unique experiences – in this, government is an essay at the umbrella of protection concerning the vital needs, such as it ensures the taxpayer is elevated for paying their dues and the overall sum in taxes, that couldn’t be levied or collected another way (the electorate chooses it….) …., amongst other things, then for some reason a portrayal of violence against a young vulnerable child is the answer in the third term of office – it’ll provoke just the right response and the over-bearing adult agressors will have their reign of tyranny brought to a swift end……    Is this the case?   Is it to make the charity more worthy of donations?

     Maybe I’m just too sensitive – I did raise an issue about the Aero advert after all, but I really am concerned people starting to believe chocolate melts at body temperature and not skin temperature will find a way to claim damages and expenses for specialist clean garments ruined with chocolate in the pockets – like they were led there & neglected, or even pushed – but it’s their own fault….      …..what say you?


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