Only if….

…it’s going to be really good if it’s good enough to have something derogatory said about it that’s [believed to be] detrimental to how good it is, but it is not affected…

  • It has to be a monumentally good/+er thing
  • The derogatory slight must be seen /seem to completely defame it
  • It therefore must be oblivious – to the point of being callous, which also seems to defame it
  • It remains oblivious
  • The ‘libelous’ angle & it’s perpetrator may carry on regardless

…& a feeling can be sustained or even elevated, quoshed/dissipated.

The sequence of events is tracked & the best monument to success is forever ripped on while it is however aspired to….


     Is this the way of things these days (vis-a-vis the individual getting what they construe themselves to be doing or need to understand about what they do)…?


CH p.p. JC

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