_I¯Know Sew!



It’s a situation – avoidance, to the point of
 holding your breath, means that you
couldn’t hack air less about it . . .
This almost equally concurs with
 either caring more than enough
or being the individual who
 couldn’t care less

Of course, one may say “‘more‘ about it”;
that refraining purposefully from respiration –
– as a being dependant on air, breathing it to live,
is the ultimate hack of the ‘obviously attending’ parties

Compare breathing something else, or
Just deliberately expressing a preference.
Consider then that it always comes down on more than 1 side
…and that God is an “author” of Creation.

Creation is the library of all that is written
All matter is the media, from celestial bodies to sand
All life is the ink – remaining wet the full course
Making even the shortest span a worthy epitaph

The longest lived may be most benign, poignant, sentimental
Any attempt at greatening longevity – decreasing mortality should be encouraged
Trying to shorten it absolutely requires just cause.
– and to write; just as life affirms Creation, is to deepen understanding


H o w   w e ‘ r e   m a d e   o f   i t ‘ s p r e a d



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