Mole, Skunk & Flea

Mole is not strictly generic mole – the interchangeable head bits make for easy-going through an array of subterrain types…  Similarly then & complacently exploiting the fact you’d surmise this is more “special ops” than Beatrix Potter, it is sufficient to say Skunk’s job is to “go off” – responsibly – and that Flea’s, like a catalyst, also adapted – to “spark” like a match put to emery as a co-function to jumping….

  As this trinity, they’re best illustrated in a diagram…;

Mole Skunk and Flea
  …Another trinity – Ray, Darren, Loki, shun sight in favour of triangulation pinpointing whereabouts & verify arrival – the destination is selected to inch perfect specs.
  Whether Mole takes them, or Skunk & Flea get there under their own steam, the mission objective is simple;  deploy for most benign feat of incurred dereliction – remain undetected for multiple well-paid contracts…

  Lives are not an issue – there is never any intent to cause anything other than structural discrepancy, this being only an amount enough to condemn the building.

  A sizable pocket can be created, even expanded in successive missions.  The most naturally occurring underground chambers are simulated & the known geographical data is consulted – and likewise appended…

Distance is no object, just the exact deployment & size of pocket created is important…
  On the proviso the ops remain covert – many successful missions can be accomplished to clear properties, create scope for plausible insurance claims, further advance the tech and swiftly instigate the dereliction notice & demolition order.




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