For much of my lifespan and great periods at a time, I have admired a quality in the human form  – I have conceded any attention can instigate & begin a desire borne of this developing taste – I readily acknowledge an untempered desire may grow into a thirst or hunger, a lust, an addiction – People therefore fixate as much as possible on health & well-being, trying to graft a healthy habit that may consume them towards a better purpose…

…I am overjoyed to announce my desire is for an attractive, fit & healthy female with pure & good intentions – criteria that I feel is supportive of anyone undertaking a regimen or discipline to that effect…

  All this time, I have imagined we spur & heighten each others’ feelings & devotion to one another & that our incorruptible happiness is infectious and improving many other lives – the closer we become, the better this is for all concerned – And, in all this time, we have yet to meet….

In deep appreciation of my one true love,
I anticipate the very best of times to come,
Smiling & content it will come to pass

Hmmmm…, I wrote this the other night at bedtime before I went to sleep, hadn’t recently logged in to check goings on at the profile sites and so – seeing as there’s nothing doing here – wondered at any parallels…..[?]



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