Old skool


Looking back through some handwritten musings I decided to retype a few despite them already being around here somewhere on backup – Something about the migration of written words into text data; you get another sense of them that’s between the first inspired gen spurring them into existence, and the rendering of them into a neatly presented format….; (enjoy 🙂


I’ve drawn a picture entitled, “Shredme Azadrewer”.

  The subject is (excusing my artistic ability) a beautiful woman reading a book entitled, ‘Shredme Azadrewer by Christian Hilton’

  As there is no such book published, then the viewer only sees a book in the picture with this title – it means “She read me as I drew her”.  In summary (I was drawing the person I would have liked to have been reading the book so that her reaction to the book was my perception of her as I drew her) – /{She was reading about how I would have liked to have been drawing her as she read the book about me}. / [She’s reading my “about her” as I’m drawing her “about him”].


Tell me about;

Likes/Dislikes –  music
                      – animals
                      – food
Philosophy     – outlook
                      – people – “the human”
Conversation  – how we already know we could
                          exchange a lifetime of loving
                         words to each other before
                            we even met
Spontaneity    – how it is we can make our
                        loving exchange work in “real-time”
Self-awareness – how we’re happy with ourselves & we
                         can express that to one another from
                        where we’re self-aware
Chemistry       – Where something one of us tells the other
                         sets the pulse racing & makes hairs
                         stand up in acknowledgement of the
                        intimacy with which we use our words
                       to each other


Clutch Bite / Snatch Nibble

Eliminating cough (i.e. to say it isn’t thought of)
In reducing the need to ‘ejectamenta!’

Thus leffening the dethssness it causes
I can hear all around
Without neediting but having the means to induce it
Then living up to the retch in the force of it
And calmly guiding it back down
Learning it’s thresholds are it’s own come me downs
For they’re the pains we learn to endure
And in time to complacently cure
If to cure a disease is a must
See it’s components as nothing but dust
Learn it’s objection your body opposed
Up to the crack of it’s whip
Expecting beat flows
Pain in the eye of the beholder
Through a learned & painstaking routine
One mind is the best one applied
One mind must unify all
All minds in one applied
No no no no we’re exactly where you thought we were


Stranger Aeons

Ok, we no longer expect, no longer paternally yours
The process of impregnation, no longer a coital act
They’ve sieved the gene pool & fished out the best of humanity
Those most cherished ambitions, just the keys science once lacked

What next, we have the health of the future
We have the schematics that survived our past
We’re picking the lock on Death’s once esteemed door
Though to listen, we don’t sound like we’ll last         

We know resource management so you’d not know we’d used it
We know energy like it pours from our hands
We know food like a lab full of test tubes
We know growth like our modified lands

So unraveling the next thing, perhaps a step into the beyond
Is just our inquisitive nature regardless of charred fingers
We perch on seat edges as another key is turned
And if we’re gone tomorrow, what memory lingers

As expectancy demands fluid fruition
Results, come on, results
Is it a whip that cracks
Or ruination looking back (sneeze saved here £0.00 tax free)
Poverty taking up the slack
Both sides mirror their own flack
a red door
What colour time went
& back to what you thought it was
You did have a colour for it didn’t you?
 maybe I knew what colour it was wither a little
 version of tactics (completely subject to change)
Change a rest with as good as a
take as long as required

Wish Me Good Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye

The Garden of Eden’s goodbye
So if I’m right and we’re happy on the processed stuff
We’ll not need teeth much longer
A dent in Eden as we nuke the boxed product
I need an armour coating though
I need an unfaltering grip
I need to acquire a taste for the acidic
When my human gets me this insight
And my animal reasserts self-respect
Then my mammal points to the programme I’m on
I think only of a natural selection
– Eve of Adam ‘ating pears
Ark the ‘erald, miles of unspoiled islands
To bye to Eden is the technological revolution’s AI
Virtually a masterpiece providing it rains evenly
Botany obviously needs flora in repents eventually.


On A Regular Basis

Like you’re an engine
Take it down to basics
 – motor function, respiration
   reaction time, acceleration
Quantize, optimize
 clench muscles tight
 then test for suppleness
Take long deep forceful breaths
 then breath shallowly as quick as you can say in out
One hand by your side
Use the other to knock something off a surface
 catch! get faster
 narrow your tuning process to applicable skills
The all important suppleness
The all important breathing
The all important reaction time
From standing, I need you to keep your back straight
Whilst you attain kneeling posture then crouch forward
 imagine looking for something on the floor before you
 imagine it forgets gravity and falls to the ceiling
 stand & reach for it by reversing your crouch stance

 – a repeat prescription


Speaking of Time

Time for food
Time for pi
Time for us
Time’s for us
Time’s an interest rate x an interest rate
Time’s a trait
Time a trait
Time an egg
Time a sand
Time’s a grain
Time again
Time light
Time gravity
Time punctuality
Time tardiness
Time & motion
Time brevity
Time of your life
Time longevity
Time one second
Time one third
Time henceforth
Time elements
Time elephants
Time your mind
Time your thought
Time spent
Time bought
Time material
Time wealth
Time to check
Now cheque your health

IQ = mental age/chronological age x 100


Off Colour Money

When a lack of it pulls our lives apart
When it’s used then juxtaposed against a more charitable gesture
When it’s purported to carry germs
When it’s more than you can afford

When it isn’t mentioned
When it isn’t worried about
When we can care about something without it
When we’ve forgotten it

Money is a prison sentence
Money is dependant on us
Money is lost without a price tag
Money is spent
Money can make you a slave
Money can exhaust you effortlessly
Money can trick your savings & crush you
Money can be easy, dirty & cheap then win you in a simple nominal gesture
Money can waive your life goodbye
You can make you a slave & work toward your desires
While money is trying to buy them


The Sum of I.T.

Information Technology is self explanatory but it
has many applications.  When do we see the
application that is the sum of it.


The Medusa Touch

When a hand’s a murder weapon
When a brain’s a master plan
When nuclear isn’t energy
When you don’t want to run as fast as you can

After the hand & fleeing the brain
Sheltering from the shockwave
In molecular history’s transitional phase
Death’s no longer for the brave

Then in a lesser guise the jealous suitors
Who’d see the spoils as ladders to success
But what spoils are recompense to anyone
As in, “What flattened area suits you best?”

A degree of compassion; another hand
To meet across a divide
Flatter hope & enrapture trust
Then never take a side

Moreover, smile – this is the work
Grin’s corners at your ears
You’ll know the job – you wouldn’t shirk
As it allays your deepest fears.


A Pricefelt Moment

The chasm here before me
Reeks of after-life and soap
A fissure in the air we breathe
Into infinity we lope

Through an error of high powers
(at least higher than our own)
We face a parallel dimension
Curiosity’s seeds are sown

It comes to pass that with a rope
Around my Waist, I’ll venture
Through – to meet my maker?
“That’s why…” they said “…we sent ya”

This door though soapy, is not smooth
It does not want me through
So saying it undoes me
And I enter made anew

I emerge as being made of thought
Thrown together as in dreams
And gathering wits from floating notions
I see nothing’s as it seems

Behind me – blurry people
Ahead – the origins of kind
So – on to meet the maker
Which of course I do not mind

This world is beyond dreaming
Due to attention to it’s detail
Everything exquisite
And definitely not for retail

A flowing river of literature
With rocks replaced by books
Anatomies of higher beings
With words replaced by looks

Trees growing from the air itself
Which is fertile through it’s thickness
Not true – I’m buried to my scalp
Sunk into the slickness

My thought manipulations
Allow me to arise
And view once more a real sky
With my refreshed and fertile eyes

Wiser to the substance
Of this plane’s suggested scope
I remember my basic origin
And look down at the rope

At once I see the failing
The hemp was old, so turned to money
No sooner thought, than all the flowers
Around me – turn to honey

The bees turn into hives
And the hives thence into mountains
The purple heads so phallic
They immediately gain fountains

The sky becomes a grey morass
And ripples like a sea
Consequently fish rise up
And evolve right into me

The fruit becomes the tree which bore it
I see civility in all creatures
Even the shark that floats so gracefully past
Has warmth upon it’s features

The ants grow to unfathomable proportions
And breathe in all the trees
The species minute in their wake
Take all that they can seize

The Lion says casually to it’s prey
“Be grateful, I’m your preyer”
“Yes but once inside…” says prey to Lion
“I’m your heart and you’ll be greyer”

So likened to the sky above
And therefore to the sea
He arises my bravado
As his soul sinks into me

And with a mane that drips raw courage
I resolve to return to man more great
I step back through the chasm
To be remade as just an ape


  From a dream of an off-world ‘Quantum Leap’-like sojourn, starring two Sam Beckets (the other a native) & using dirt bikes through a needle-strewn forest floor to discover a wide & deep water-hole that an alien beast clambered into and out of, and – if not the same creature undergoing metamorphosis – also featuring a gigantic bird, like an Archaeopteryx, whose tail feathers had a detailed series of tapering smaller globes & eyes believed to signify the cycle of all life there…;

A coherent remnant of it;
  It is surmised that the drink is the source of all life on the planet & prior to it’s present incarnation it could have been a plant whose lowest leaves served simply to decompose & feed the roots in a constant cycle…

 – I awoke thinking I had just thirstily slugged back a can of warm cola and remembered it’s quenching and replenishing effect.

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