Unexpected find – updated


  I now have 6 lizards ‘in captivity’, had found 9 in total so not as rare as first thought, plus a frog which although not at all rare in the uk, is more unexpected on my garden, except to say there was a source of water there, no more than than a stagnant bucketful though, and yet here I found two more of the present lizard compliment… 

Here’s the frog,

…and who I was going to name something along the lines of tallness (it has very long back legs, probably adapted to a life in the 3 foot deep hole it was discovered in), or the kind of pelvis thing arching up out of it’s back I thought was also for the same ‘lots of vertical leaping, not much crawling’ reason, but later saw a number of pictures all detailing this ‘lumbar-hump’ in the same type & others of the genus, and so after deliberation shall name it ‘Guts’, purely because it’s taken to the life in an alternative habitat I’ve made with no great fuss and since I decided to determine if it’s actually eating any of the bugs I put in there before they made good a hiding/burrowing escape, discovered it will eat pretty much straight out of my hand, and what an appetite!! 
Will likely upload a vid as & when šŸ™‚


Found a lizard in the garden:


As far back as I can remember, regardless of talk describing snakes in compost heaps and what else may be found at this time of year as the weather improves over the seasonal shift, I have never talked to anyone who has found a reptile in the wild themselves – I think this is a rare find, might not be though.

  Can anyone help identify?  I really don’t know how to look after it and I have had to move it from where I was working to avoid injuring or killing it, so it’s just in a bug collecting box I made for ‘lesser’ finds…


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5 Responses to Unexpected find – updated

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  3. Leone510 says:

    I can see you were a little disgruntled with the Jehovah’s Witness’ quote(?)/threat (?)/warning (?) /piece of advice(?) [choose whichever applies]……however, I must say I am pleasantly surprised that he or she has managed to acquaint him/herself with Xanga – a contemporary means of communication –  rather than following the usual passe method of speading His word……hang on, who’s that at the door?!

  4. I suppose I could lock myself inside, tape up the letterbox and navigate to http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/cldetails?mid=5c9d0ca5db9887a2327108d4dd8b2259 with some convoluted architecture having “- http://www.google.com/profiles/xtian170174 -” contrived as a point of departure to leave from.Logging on must be cheaper than re-soled shoes these days…Woooo, look at me – I’ve been translated;http://sketchup.google.co.jp/3dwarehouse/details?mid=5ab5db305a0ff9d7327108d4dd8b2259Oh yes   šŸ™‚

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