….Would you favour and undertake this willingly?

Can you imagine….?  [Story, entitled ‘Spechies’]

A species develops speech and is able to learn all of any languages, if it hears words it can instantly repeat them and merely has to understand the meaning of individual words and their use in properly formed sentences.

  For this reason, initially it uses entire sentences as words and will have associated them with the immediate vicinity where they were heard and the actions & events taking place there – The species’ vital needs are most pressing and so it soon learns from being attracted to food sources the words of the language most pertinent to the requisition of nourishing sustenance.
Replete, it is the thing alongside consciouness that is somehow felt but not strictly as discomfort, just surplus to requirement – people are standalone without any secondary system of living entity ‘residing’ as part of them.

In any event it is a rapid uptake and before long the species can speak all the languages of all the world’s peoples, every race, every colloquialism and with the magnitude of timelessness permitting certain word combinations as would bely a connection with a distant past or future – it’s word alone becomes the way we humans begin to speak, as it has learned the shortest route to the greatest success in any endeavour….

….The dilemma being posed is this…;

 This lifeform would have no voice without humans, the development has taken place because it is a parasitic lifeform that exists as an integrated layer with our own dermis – it was at first airborne and could be caught like a cold, and over the course of it’s parallel existence has probably been considered viral and damning to good health – it has likely been treated as an infection and eradicated with some degree of success, but it’s survival sees it here in the present with us and because of a shared history we have, it has always been some aspect of a person’s well-being somewhere in the world – but now it is pandemic, if not blanketing – absolute, in coverage.
 People sacrifice very little to allow it to live in them and because of the widespread coverage achieved in it’s present perpetuation – people will rapidly become reinfected, and it’s clearly becoming ‘clever’ and becoming an integral part of our lives whether this is going to be good or not – but on the whole, it can be said the species needs a host body, and humans provide it with this all over the world & with rich diversity.

 Mostly, when an infection’s evident, a person will appear to have lightly plasticised skin – just a light sheen like perspiration, a waxiness…
  Those who do not find a way to resist how the species uses them to talk will succumb more physically, they’ll appear ‘grainier’ like interference on a tv screen mottling their skin and seem more grotesque, caricatured and yet gainly, although swiftly so – in as much as to say they have pandered to spechies’ lust – a person will seem the lesser, more the ‘within’ entity of their whole being undergone a duality-creating fusion.  It seems corrupt to see this, sickening to contemplate it, yet often such an infected person will have the inane grin of unspoiled innocence and utter nothing denoting pain or dissatisfaction about their circumstances…

     ….This would for most have instigated the end of the species as a cure would be sought & administered, but some see a very sensible symbiosis taking place and there are those who would harness the best for themselves with benefit enough for the species to have it almost as a ‘sixth sense’ and talk rather of ‘enhancement’ and ‘biological upgrade’ than of a ‘parasite’, ‘weak submission’ to it and ‘pandering to lust’ as they feed on experience to appease the monstrous cravings deforming the alleged ‘weak’…
  These ‘strong’ people represent those ‘presiding’, with the symbiot as a bridge over a necessary gap in immunity and where it is permitted there only like a sixth sense organ, under control yet just as desirous of all the host can experience – in these cases, these hosts become magnificent and, in summary, a clearer grasp of this transpiring seemingly states the case for symbiosis…;

  • Upon infection, people are not so much inconvenienced like as in a cold or sprain – they just become host and the species becomes evident as part of them.
  • Advanced stages of infection for those who fully succumb [weakly] to the species’ demand for requisition, shows bodies and features expressing the species selfish use of a host – deformities and grotesque caricatures of people become lurching as the infection commandeers them to satify it’s appetite…
  • Hosts with an unrelenting purpose – those who will not be taken over, who [strongly] temper their desire – who permit the infection, naturally being compelled to desire goodness and long-lasting health, happiness and self-control in all matters of living a life with the symbiot – in all fairness, and comparison, look to be upgraded – they have begun a negotiation and in return for being host, they seem to have developed means beyond their physical & wits ends – They seem miraculous and speculation here about the species follows a train of thought that all life everywhere always has a connection – even an infection, and even a vital basis as the species’ earliest ever participation in the life of another was in fact life-giving…, the sole basis of any other life emerging at all and so a reliance – needing this entity residing/presiding to properly steer the course of our kind’s chronology as we form the vocal echo of existing/existence, instead of just ‘being’ like all other lifeforms who all have an element associated with the parasite species, though more like ‘stones in the belly eaten to aid digestion’ than a living entity comandeering them as a resource for it’s purpose.

With regard to this, the word of mankind is a loan granted for life on earth – like an alien race would speak the language of their own world and find similarities like gravity and sunlight, elements and weather are the only communicable aspects of our respective lives in early exchanges…
 And the symbiot is granting the loan with varying control of the resource, like it could be inter-dimensional or negotiating with the fundamental basis of reality through our organs of sense…, it is interactive, not so much aiding digestion as handling it logistically, directing it’s course for specific kinds of fulfilment.

 So the ‘spechies’ has us at infection, goes on to either deform our features and extremeties, hastening our natural ability and movement with an albeit ‘graceful’ yet rabid lunge of lustfully craving the intake, or, becomes tempered and complicit with the more purposeful host who literally has the opportunity to evolve time after time in a single lifespan – the bird has wings and possibly thanks to this species, the marsupial has a pouch, again thanks to it’s concurrence with an ongoing symbiology – the species is inevitably likened to the Creator and being made in His image, so it is yet possible people will fly unassisted defying gravity – they will achieve telepathy and telekinesis, more the bridge between symbiots and other matter, but a person’s will making it so – people could defy hostile elements and extremes with underwater and space exploration – no amount of pressure crushing them, no bends, no burning up on re-entry and no damage from impact – no need for constant oxygen intake, even an ability to hibernate indefinitely – even immortality, the body galvanised for every eventuality…  

  ‘Superhuman’ would be fitting for them were they not half symbiot….

  If science & medicine found a way to make this possible – strictly for the benefits & without compromising our present ‘normality’ – and it was decided all those in favour could test it off-world or here in quarantine and that after a trial period and a fortuitous balance of host and spechies that they had the symbiot at their disposal and could further develop how they choose…..

    ….Would you favour & undertake this willingly?

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One Response to ….Would you favour and undertake this willingly?

  1. Ee_air says:

    Like the – “Evolved thru telecommunications sensory base in humans ‘wrap-to-sphere character templates’ that stream data from you to illicit your whim from the immediate environment”, or “control environment variables from a distance” console, as base of it’s symbiotic life in your body…..

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