Happy St. Valentine’s

I’m going to give you a general answer, and it’s about me instead (well, my point of view):

In solitude (while single) I am reeling like a drunkard with profoundly passionate loving for someone who is my lifelong unrelenting connection with Creation – it is like we are a blissful fusion together in our minds, so every thought & memory, feeling & emotion is all about the primal devotion to one another in this euphoric unified state and it affirms all the very best things about this life – we cannot imagine existence without this connection, it would be soul destroying to discover my entire lifespan would be lived without her…

And this would be the ideal basis of my faith, belief & hope if I had actually met her, even for just half or only a quarter of our lives…, but nevertheless the sentiment is a vital unerring component of the life I live and I cannot find myself without the hope that I always have a mate so perfectly attuned with me, as I am with her in all aspects of our lives, that it supports the existence of a single Eternal Soul from which all life began and predestined every matching pair howsoever they come into partnership and parenting, given that [countless] generations of a species occur over vast periods of time – it is like an initial ‘equation’ forming humankind, whether through an evolution of a species or an original genetic design, originally amassed as just a single specimen of each kind – in humans that’s a male and a female – like Adam & Eve….
The eventual distinction that separated humankind in all the genetic matter forming similar lifeforms meant there was enough genetic stock for continuing diversity and that the ‘Adam & Eve’ pair were the zenith of all the adapting, evolving & diversifying life of that time. All that life – even the Eternal Soul Itself, regarded this with esteem and so it is inherently sought after again, time and time again – by every living creature which wilfully undergoes the self same process regardless of order, genus, traits, longevity, species duration… …Just a humble bid to be with your predisposed mate and to be right by them too.

In this respect, humans are plentiful and diverse and so it may be that an increasingly even mix of races will occur and the most skilled will take an evolutionary step that adversely seems to constrict numbers and variation into another Adam & Eve pairing – but from whence the cycle miraculously repeats….

In all this, only foreknowledge of the whole Creation could determine any genetic contribution – and so as mere mortals imbued with free will and the gamut of human traits we live our lives with such tenets as: ‘to err is human’ & ‘we learn from our mistakes’, ‘if you use the earth, it costs the earth’, ‘others frequently disappoint, so don’t let yourself down’, etc.

In as much, I just hope goodness [some good advice e.g.] comes from merely exchanging views, opinions and sharing knowledge – that this provides something without really knowing what or how it helps – I consider it to be a foundation in the universe and cannot stress enough the need to personalise your own so that you have a narrative and a dialogue with your origins in the earliest instance of anything the present can be traced back to.

Ergo, you know where you are with your husband, he knows how it is with you – and if it becomes difficult to get through together – just a single paragraph about such origins could be drafted, proof read & edited in an ongoing exchange – until you find/devise vows you can take together and [re]assert your bond…

– Life at it’s best is a simple affair

Hope that helps 🙂


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One Response to Happy St. Valentine’s

  1. Leone510 says:

    There’s a song that this (and something else you’ve written, but I can’t think of it off-hand) reminds me of: ‘Something Changed’ by Pulp. Mr Cocker seems to sum things up very succinctly to me!

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