Published Poems

 I thought I had already uploaded this image somewhere on my profile pages, yet cannot immediately place it so here it is with tags that I should not forget (bear in mind also that Freeserve/Wanadoo & GeoCities pages no longer exist, while MySpace invented mspslinks to confound or block the href tag, I’m sure I lost more than a few lines of text to all that overhauling)…;

…Obviously I didn’t dominate a single poet’s corner, these are all from different editions of ST 🙂


& notably, the right hand side, full column piece, entitled, ‘A place in time’, was sent with, ‘You’d see it as a pastime’, in the email subject header – “A place in time”, is the newspaper’s edit.

There’s just enough round the houses trying to get this to display properly here on Xanga to lend hope a clear image will become apparent somewhere between large, max & custom, but some further compression takes place and it will never happen – So…, the small image above (click on the image) links to Google docs, where it can be opened (click link), and seen full size (click magnifier cursor on loaded image), shouldn’t require sign in, but let me know if it’s not loading and I’ll have another tinker.




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