JuST so we know…

 On June 17th, I sent a letter to Viewpoint corresponding with readers on the subject of global warming, it was published in Tuesday’s [22nd June] edition and it was abridged, heavily edited, so here is the thread and full version.

On June 14th, Godfrey Bloom’s letter was published;

Global Warming's A Money Making Scam 

…with Bernard Regan’s response following on June 16th;

This Is Stupidity In The Extreme

…and then my letter, that originally looked like this;

Re This Is Stupidity In The Extreme
…was published somewhat ‘in précis‘…;

It Costs The Earth To Use The Earth


….I’m sure the point is just as clear, although on this occasion I had no inkling of my letter’s inclusion until today when my uncle mentioned it – often there’s a courtesy email, but better to exercise caution with the available resource – a newspaper is nearly always hanging in that balance.

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