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WordReunited – Now syncing with Facebook :)

 – Welcome, please join the WordReunited BlogRing – the hope is to reunite you with literature you may no longer be able to source or remember enough specific detail about to track down. For ease of searching; I use a … Continue reading

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6yo piece, Sat 19Mar2k5 “My Writer’s Task”

#8 write something about or compile from all of the above#9 write a précis version of #8>>#10 write a scripted version of it with at least two people in it all the timeGT, “Hi, is that Mr. Christian Hilton?”CH, “Yes, … Continue reading

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BBC News – Illegal immigrants flooding into the UK

 Updated from 16JAN2k08Re: Migrant pain for Channel truckers I have a kind of solution here based on a crisis centre I devised for large scale emergencies (earthquakes/floods and the like)….It is a call to duty for all citizens who can … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Very briefly, aside from the ‘campaign’. [UPDATE 16Feb2k11 – new graphic for UGW]

Take a bank note you usually carry, one that is enough to buy at least 20 cigarettes and get change.   I’m using £10 for this, and a lighter, matches are also ok – just something you use to light … Continue reading

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Tower is uploaded

 Please direct your browser – MySpace/TargetAudienceBandwidthModel above available to download from 3D Warehouse or listen here…  Thanks for tuning in to the channel output meltdownChristian

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Poem Of/On The Moment

 On A Network SiteWell, who doesn’t want to breathe? – Nobody here…Here, on a social networking site,   – the person is logged on and using the service.And who doesn’t want a thought? – Nobody here…Here as the medium ‘read’ … Continue reading

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