F#IRL [Fallout Girl] mastered, uploaded.

From the desktop of Mr. Christian Edward Hilton

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In Association with Red 9 Productions,

Target Audience Bandwidth has finished the production of & uploaded F#IRL [Fallout Girl],

Also visit http://www.myspace.com/targetaudiencebandwidth to hear it and follow the blog.

Best regards

Christian Hilton

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MONEY – GNS/Robin Ince BBC Breakfast News Update


“Troubles have rubles in them” growled gold,
Antinomy smiled toxically paradoxically,
and impounding the stock of raw materials
Began the age of electronic transaction…

Bling was blinger and never looked so flaunt
Until a cloud lined up it’s savings
“I’m history with silk toilet roll…” I said in wry smile,
“…and it’s humankind’s future I’m paving”

The rain cascaded as if earth were wrenched
So suddenly as to ‘sluice’ all the oceans
[Then] from this orbital perspective they torrent and drench
Emulsifying to soup all the nations

“Abomination HQ” I say on the phone
On board my weather-proof and bestselling house
“Is that Christian Hilton?…” says a voice all resigned
“…I need a secure fixed abode” says it’s pout.

“Yes, no problem” I say knowing all the problems ahead
“I’ll fix you up good and no doubt
You can have one for here at ground zero
Or one for space-faring, out and about

The Christian Hilton is an amazing craft
So much habitat and functionality
You will all go that way, maybe not all your life
But if you were me – and it was your totality…”

“Yes, yes fix me up” the voice much consoled
And showing this glimmer of hope
Is qualified enough to sample my wares
And another of my babies elopes


UPDATE – Here I am pictured reading Abomination, my first & all time favourite Guy N. Smith book – and just yesterday, on BBC Breakfast no less, Robin Ince took to the sofa with one of the ‘Crabs’ series novels…  In the words of Columbus [Zombieland], “Rule 32 – Enjoy the little things”  

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JuST so we know…

 On June 17th, I sent a letter to Viewpoint corresponding with readers on the subject of global warming, it was published in Tuesday’s [22nd June] edition and it was abridged, heavily edited, so here is the thread and full version.

On June 14th, Godfrey Bloom’s letter was published;

Global Warming's A Money Making Scam 

…with Bernard Regan’s response following on June 16th;

This Is Stupidity In The Extreme

…and then my letter, that originally looked like this;

Re This Is Stupidity In The Extreme
…was published somewhat ‘in précis‘…;

It Costs The Earth To Use The Earth


….I’m sure the point is just as clear, although on this occasion I had no inkling of my letter’s inclusion until today when my uncle mentioned it – often there’s a courtesy email, but better to exercise caution with the available resource – a newspaper is nearly always hanging in that balance.

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Published Poems

 I thought I had already uploaded this image somewhere on my profile pages, yet cannot immediately place it so here it is with tags that I should not forget (bear in mind also that Freeserve/Wanadoo & GeoCities pages no longer exist, while MySpace invented mspslinks to confound or block the href tag, I’m sure I lost more than a few lines of text to all that overhauling)…;

…Obviously I didn’t dominate a single poet’s corner, these are all from different editions of ST 🙂


& notably, the right hand side, full column piece, entitled, ‘A place in time’, was sent with, ‘You’d see it as a pastime’, in the email subject header – “A place in time”, is the newspaper’s edit.

There’s just enough round the houses trying to get this to display properly here on Xanga to lend hope a clear image will become apparent somewhere between large, max & custom, but some further compression takes place and it will never happen – So…, the small image above (click on the image) links to Google docs, where it can be opened (click link), and seen full size (click magnifier cursor on loaded image), shouldn’t require sign in, but let me know if it’s not loading and I’ll have another tinker.




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A Thousand Typewriters [Updated 3May2k10 – 3D Warehouse model link].

You can download the model from,

You’ve no doubt heard of the probability stating a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters will eventually type something legible – a complete piece of work written start to finish without error.   That is of course to say that anyone collating the work could have millions of pages to go through to find those few hundred or couple of thousand good edits.

And nowadays television provides so many hours of viewing with such fantastical/extraordinary content, one would think nothing of a monkey pushing a sack barrow loaded up with books of different titles, though all by, “A. Chimp” and parking it up next to someone sat at their workstation doing their job who looks round to see “A.Chimp” holding out a clipboard with attached delivery note and pen for signing with.
…'[Parcel] Delivery service’, ‘Book retailer’ or ‘Internet [shopping] portal’ commercial.

Besides that though, I got to thinking about how when your dog’s in the house and someone walks another dog past outside, but not yet going past – more like they’re down the road a bit a good few hundred yards or more before they’re passing by – and your dog starts barking…..   How do they know that??

So, I devised a deluxe version of what could be done economically – but this is fun and lucrative everywhere with those lovable chimps promoting it…
It’s called a ‘four tree shift’ & it’s deluxe because this version is at least a modest safari park size area (think dense jungle growth though, a canopy cover that provides complete shade at ground level)…;


Four Trees Shift humane experiment wildlife sanctuary
‘Four Trees Shift’ humane experiment wildlife sanctuary

Door (beyond tree on left) at Four Trees Crossroad
Door [beyond tree] at Four Tree Crossroads


It begins with four trees that grow close together, they are seperated with a ‘+’-shaped double skin wall of transparent screens and any do-able jumps between the trees are still available via a hole in the wall.  A single skin wall encloses all four trees with a single means of access (lower left of image below, from tree through personnel area).

 Four Trees [ii]

…Any surface of the walls that faces out into monkeydom is for art/televisual screens and so the four trees each have a unique all-round close-to view of the screens.

  To make this continually rewarding, there is another single skin wall further out at double the radius, and so the area between the two single skin walls is for the artists and broadcast/presentation crews.

 Four Trees

   Then, at double the radius again, another double skin wall – though with a far greater inner area for walking around in and so it displays out on both sides.  I also included a fabricated mountain comprised of the same materials to allow art displayed out through it or to house screens, it is large enough to be a resort complex, there’s another double skin wall further out – but at another double the radius of the previous – this is a ‘minor edit’ display case and it is a maintainence access rather than spectator sightseeing width between skins – it is the last display wall and another final wall at double the radius again is the park boundary fence.

All display surfaces and resort complex

..and the object is, to show just the right televisual/art stimulus to manage without detectable human intervention*  to get four monkeys to frequent the four trees in the centre, one each – like a seat of power or the ‘other place’ where the pack outcasts go.
*these monkeys would still be seeing their first human if all this had been built and the results were in and then someone walked into the monkey enclosure

To top this, and to to prove this thing about animal sensitivity and possible ‘psychic awareness’ – the four monkeys in their respective places are watching it all go down in history, with the discretely added telemedia they have taken to consuming when the human in program control says “four trees shift” and presses the appropriate button – & at that juncture, the view for each of the four trees changes to a view from one of the others….

….At this point, one of the [psychic?] monkeys should be going, “Hey how come you’re watching that now” and make for the next tree or the one after it to depose the monkey now enjoying what he was watching, only to find he arrives on an empty scene – because the other three monkeys have done the same and [instinctively] set off seeking their viewing preference where their tingling monkey-senses said the other monkey was sat watching it…..

Prove it and it’s worth it….

I would have added more trees, but my computer started tugging along instead of casually throwing it into place.

>>Update 16May2k8

I received a warm response from WSPA (the orginal correspondence is below the reply);

Dear Mr Hilton,

Thank you very much for your email.

It certainly is an interesting idea on prospects for running a sanctuary.

The WSPA currently supports the world largest Orang-utan Sanctuary – Nyaru Menteng – in Borneo. Last year the generous donations of the WSPA supporters helped save Nyaru Menteng from closure and we are now asking for support to help guarantee its future so that the orang-utans will keep their safe haven and prospects of rehabilitation for years to come.

The sanctuary is run by our member society Borneo Orang-utan Survival Foundation (BOS) and we will ensure the idea you give below reaches them.

We truly do appreciate the time and effort that is obvious that has gone into this idea and its development and it may well hold some prospects the sanctuary can use in years to come. We will obviously let you know should BOS want to know more about this.

In the meantime if you would like to find out more about our work with orangutans, please do not hesitate to get in touch. In the near future our website will feature more information about our work wit BOS and Nyaru Menteng.

If you feel able to support the future of Nyaru Menteng then please visit http://www.wspa.org.uk/ where you can make an online donation.  Alternatively you can call us at 0800 316 9966 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) and we can help you with this.

Again, thank you very much for your email and please do not hesitate to get in touch and find out more about WSPA’s work with BOS.

Kind regards,

Mariah Mandelman

Supporter Services Administrator

World Society for the Protection of Animals
1st Floor, 89 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, London SE1 7TP. UK
Tel: +44 (020)-7587-5000
Direct: +44 (020)-7840-4283
Fax: +44 (020)-7793-0208
E-mail: mariahmandelman@wspa.org.uk

Internet: http://www.wspa.org.uk

From: Mr. Christian Hilton Esquire [mailto:xtian170174@aol.com]
Sent: 05 May 2008 18:01
To: WSPA.org
Subject: Offset the urgency with grandeur

Mr. Christian Edward Hilton Esq

27a Brooklands Avenue


North Lincolnshire

DN20 0DY


89 Albert Embankment,



Re: Donation

Dear WSPA,

  Please allow me to introduce myself – I am a uk resident & I have sponsored an orang-utan called Etin from the Kinabatangan conservation project through the WWFscheme and I have had some thoughts on wildlife sanctuaries as potentially world class field centres for in-depth study and safe public/visitor access…

 Knowing the ongoing concern is a vital quest for funds, I have devised a research concept that will provide the necessary safe sanctuary, and with the influx of donations to keep it running more reliably sourced – as it invites the world on a much grander scale to participate, especially so with the internet for media [content] donations – it becomes a live global broadcast channel….

The concept sketch I created is attached and requires Google SketchUp to open/view/edit it – I have also created a weblog to this effect and outlining the aim is to not only provide a safe natural habitat, but to learn more from primates/other species in their own environment.

Please direct your browser,


  I believe that with this venture proposed as the way forward for wildlife sanctuary development [heralding havens with unprecedented accessibility yet absolute minimum human intervention] and for a better study of the species in their habitat, that the scale of the operation and the funds required will make it more the capitalist opportunity, and also it will depend on a collossal feat in content delivery to fully disguise any human presence charting the naturally uninterrupted lives of these creatures.

 By asking for funding along these lines, the structural component aspect can emerge modestly and grow first, initially presenting static images (textures & artwork donations from the human interest following) as plane surfaces, such as a perspex-pane-sided-box creates a display to present artwork from – this to be remotely viewed for a subject’s reaction & with the gradual introduction of advanced media following (televisual/working model installations [e.g. bicycle, newton’s cradle, ball-bearing clock]), and again studying subjects’  reactions while continuing to expand & fill what I have called the ‘transparent expanse’ – initially simple texture prints – apparently rock faces, sheer walls – but latently capable of broadcasting moving pictures & sound, with a subject’s proximity triggering the mechanism so it is all captured on film for study.

 e.g. One consideration is a development of sonic insect repellant to make certain areas in the sanctuary more appealing – if the species has greater hearing sensitivity than humans & the repellant is developed beyond their hearing range, so the solution will be yet more desirable for people.  …This would work with short bursts of the sound assessed for subjects’ reactions until determined viable and permanently installed.

   It is entirely humane and, again I am merely iterating the cost of such a venture is potentially so great that it would be made to work and prove it’s worth to the investors, thus ensuring the future of endangered & protected species while creating an industry to that effect.

 For this reason, I have set a hypothesis stating that a ‘four tree shift’ may cause a response implying a degree of sensitivity even lending itself to the notion of psychic ability in wild animals (just a different kind of conscious awareness) & so extending the plausibility and potential lifespan of the project with a long-term study then required and so further development in the media content too.

   For simple reference to the SketchUp model, the layout along an axis [shown vertically] is as follows,


__________Sanctuary wall [fence]…  


|       jungle forest



|======== Outer double skin display wall minimal production effort ‘minor edits’ [mainly static], displays in & outward…  

Resort complex

Same structural components            & jungle forest

|   for outward media presentation,

|   A hollow mountain – visitor center.

|_________ Inner double skin wall, generous cavity, full production effort displays in & outward….


|       jungle forest


|_________ Outer single skin wall, displays outward only, full production…  


|    This is the main on-site production area, personnel & guided tourists


|_________ Inner single skin wall, displays inward, four full productions* – one per tree, basis of research – *‘bells & whistles’


+ Double skin wall crossroads intersecting four central trees

– Here, four dedicated ongoing ‘media’ presentations each broadcast different content to the four trees individually surrounded… 

  A ‘four tree shift’ is a switch that the ‘program controller’ performs to change each area’s content – this will determine if [or, to what degree,] a subject ‘knows’ that another of it’s kind is now viewing what the subject was watching, or if the content it now views was previously being watched by another – and who/where….?


Hope this helps 🙂

Kind regards

Christian Hilton

This email is from the World Society for the Protection of Animals and may contain
information that is privileged, confidential and protected from disclosure.
Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author and do not
necessarily represent those of any other party.

If you have received this email in error, please contact WSPA at mailman@wspa.org.uk
and delete the message from your computer.

WSPA, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP, United Kingdom. Telephone +44(0)20 7587 5000
Registered UK Charity number 1081849 Company Registration number 4029540


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Happy St. Valentine’s

I’m going to give you a general answer, and it’s about me instead (well, my point of view):

In solitude (while single) I am reeling like a drunkard with profoundly passionate loving for someone who is my lifelong unrelenting connection with Creation – it is like we are a blissful fusion together in our minds, so every thought & memory, feeling & emotion is all about the primal devotion to one another in this euphoric unified state and it affirms all the very best things about this life – we cannot imagine existence without this connection, it would be soul destroying to discover my entire lifespan would be lived without her…

And this would be the ideal basis of my faith, belief & hope if I had actually met her, even for just half or only a quarter of our lives…, but nevertheless the sentiment is a vital unerring component of the life I live and I cannot find myself without the hope that I always have a mate so perfectly attuned with me, as I am with her in all aspects of our lives, that it supports the existence of a single Eternal Soul from which all life began and predestined every matching pair howsoever they come into partnership and parenting, given that [countless] generations of a species occur over vast periods of time – it is like an initial ‘equation’ forming humankind, whether through an evolution of a species or an original genetic design, originally amassed as just a single specimen of each kind – in humans that’s a male and a female – like Adam & Eve….
The eventual distinction that separated humankind in all the genetic matter forming similar lifeforms meant there was enough genetic stock for continuing diversity and that the ‘Adam & Eve’ pair were the zenith of all the adapting, evolving & diversifying life of that time. All that life – even the Eternal Soul Itself, regarded this with esteem and so it is inherently sought after again, time and time again – by every living creature which wilfully undergoes the self same process regardless of order, genus, traits, longevity, species duration… …Just a humble bid to be with your predisposed mate and to be right by them too.

In this respect, humans are plentiful and diverse and so it may be that an increasingly even mix of races will occur and the most skilled will take an evolutionary step that adversely seems to constrict numbers and variation into another Adam & Eve pairing – but from whence the cycle miraculously repeats….

In all this, only foreknowledge of the whole Creation could determine any genetic contribution – and so as mere mortals imbued with free will and the gamut of human traits we live our lives with such tenets as: ‘to err is human’ & ‘we learn from our mistakes’, ‘if you use the earth, it costs the earth’, ‘others frequently disappoint, so don’t let yourself down’, etc.

In as much, I just hope goodness [some good advice e.g.] comes from merely exchanging views, opinions and sharing knowledge – that this provides something without really knowing what or how it helps – I consider it to be a foundation in the universe and cannot stress enough the need to personalise your own so that you have a narrative and a dialogue with your origins in the earliest instance of anything the present can be traced back to.

Ergo, you know where you are with your husband, he knows how it is with you – and if it becomes difficult to get through together – just a single paragraph about such origins could be drafted, proof read & edited in an ongoing exchange – until you find/devise vows you can take together and [re]assert your bond…

– Life at it’s best is a simple affair

Hope that helps 🙂


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….Would you favour and undertake this willingly?

Can you imagine….?  [Story, entitled ‘Spechies’]

A species develops speech and is able to learn all of any languages, if it hears words it can instantly repeat them and merely has to understand the meaning of individual words and their use in properly formed sentences.

  For this reason, initially it uses entire sentences as words and will have associated them with the immediate vicinity where they were heard and the actions & events taking place there – The species’ vital needs are most pressing and so it soon learns from being attracted to food sources the words of the language most pertinent to the requisition of nourishing sustenance.
Replete, it is the thing alongside consciouness that is somehow felt but not strictly as discomfort, just surplus to requirement – people are standalone without any secondary system of living entity ‘residing’ as part of them.

In any event it is a rapid uptake and before long the species can speak all the languages of all the world’s peoples, every race, every colloquialism and with the magnitude of timelessness permitting certain word combinations as would bely a connection with a distant past or future – it’s word alone becomes the way we humans begin to speak, as it has learned the shortest route to the greatest success in any endeavour….

….The dilemma being posed is this…;

 This lifeform would have no voice without humans, the development has taken place because it is a parasitic lifeform that exists as an integrated layer with our own dermis – it was at first airborne and could be caught like a cold, and over the course of it’s parallel existence has probably been considered viral and damning to good health – it has likely been treated as an infection and eradicated with some degree of success, but it’s survival sees it here in the present with us and because of a shared history we have, it has always been some aspect of a person’s well-being somewhere in the world – but now it is pandemic, if not blanketing – absolute, in coverage.
 People sacrifice very little to allow it to live in them and because of the widespread coverage achieved in it’s present perpetuation – people will rapidly become reinfected, and it’s clearly becoming ‘clever’ and becoming an integral part of our lives whether this is going to be good or not – but on the whole, it can be said the species needs a host body, and humans provide it with this all over the world & with rich diversity.

 Mostly, when an infection’s evident, a person will appear to have lightly plasticised skin – just a light sheen like perspiration, a waxiness…
  Those who do not find a way to resist how the species uses them to talk will succumb more physically, they’ll appear ‘grainier’ like interference on a tv screen mottling their skin and seem more grotesque, caricatured and yet gainly, although swiftly so – in as much as to say they have pandered to spechies’ lust – a person will seem the lesser, more the ‘within’ entity of their whole being undergone a duality-creating fusion.  It seems corrupt to see this, sickening to contemplate it, yet often such an infected person will have the inane grin of unspoiled innocence and utter nothing denoting pain or dissatisfaction about their circumstances…

     ….This would for most have instigated the end of the species as a cure would be sought & administered, but some see a very sensible symbiosis taking place and there are those who would harness the best for themselves with benefit enough for the species to have it almost as a ‘sixth sense’ and talk rather of ‘enhancement’ and ‘biological upgrade’ than of a ‘parasite’, ‘weak submission’ to it and ‘pandering to lust’ as they feed on experience to appease the monstrous cravings deforming the alleged ‘weak’…
  These ‘strong’ people represent those ‘presiding’, with the symbiot as a bridge over a necessary gap in immunity and where it is permitted there only like a sixth sense organ, under control yet just as desirous of all the host can experience – in these cases, these hosts become magnificent and, in summary, a clearer grasp of this transpiring seemingly states the case for symbiosis…;

  • Upon infection, people are not so much inconvenienced like as in a cold or sprain – they just become host and the species becomes evident as part of them.
  • Advanced stages of infection for those who fully succumb [weakly] to the species’ demand for requisition, shows bodies and features expressing the species selfish use of a host – deformities and grotesque caricatures of people become lurching as the infection commandeers them to satify it’s appetite…
  • Hosts with an unrelenting purpose – those who will not be taken over, who [strongly] temper their desire – who permit the infection, naturally being compelled to desire goodness and long-lasting health, happiness and self-control in all matters of living a life with the symbiot – in all fairness, and comparison, look to be upgraded – they have begun a negotiation and in return for being host, they seem to have developed means beyond their physical & wits ends – They seem miraculous and speculation here about the species follows a train of thought that all life everywhere always has a connection – even an infection, and even a vital basis as the species’ earliest ever participation in the life of another was in fact life-giving…, the sole basis of any other life emerging at all and so a reliance – needing this entity residing/presiding to properly steer the course of our kind’s chronology as we form the vocal echo of existing/existence, instead of just ‘being’ like all other lifeforms who all have an element associated with the parasite species, though more like ‘stones in the belly eaten to aid digestion’ than a living entity comandeering them as a resource for it’s purpose.

With regard to this, the word of mankind is a loan granted for life on earth – like an alien race would speak the language of their own world and find similarities like gravity and sunlight, elements and weather are the only communicable aspects of our respective lives in early exchanges…
 And the symbiot is granting the loan with varying control of the resource, like it could be inter-dimensional or negotiating with the fundamental basis of reality through our organs of sense…, it is interactive, not so much aiding digestion as handling it logistically, directing it’s course for specific kinds of fulfilment.

 So the ‘spechies’ has us at infection, goes on to either deform our features and extremeties, hastening our natural ability and movement with an albeit ‘graceful’ yet rabid lunge of lustfully craving the intake, or, becomes tempered and complicit with the more purposeful host who literally has the opportunity to evolve time after time in a single lifespan – the bird has wings and possibly thanks to this species, the marsupial has a pouch, again thanks to it’s concurrence with an ongoing symbiology – the species is inevitably likened to the Creator and being made in His image, so it is yet possible people will fly unassisted defying gravity – they will achieve telepathy and telekinesis, more the bridge between symbiots and other matter, but a person’s will making it so – people could defy hostile elements and extremes with underwater and space exploration – no amount of pressure crushing them, no bends, no burning up on re-entry and no damage from impact – no need for constant oxygen intake, even an ability to hibernate indefinitely – even immortality, the body galvanised for every eventuality…  

  ‘Superhuman’ would be fitting for them were they not half symbiot….

  If science & medicine found a way to make this possible – strictly for the benefits & without compromising our present ‘normality’ – and it was decided all those in favour could test it off-world or here in quarantine and that after a trial period and a fortuitous balance of host and spechies that they had the symbiot at their disposal and could further develop how they choose…..

    ….Would you favour & undertake this willingly?

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