BBC News – Illegal immigrants flooding into the UK

Updated from 16JAN2k08

I have a kind of solution here based on a crisis centre I devised for large scale emergencies (earthquakes/floods and the like)….

It is a call to duty for all citizens who can spare the time to make the process more comprehensive as a ‘human network initiative’ rather than a ‘government protocol logistical administration’ and which maintains a presence everywhere there are people crossing the borders illegally.

  1. First job is to set up a shelter big enough for seating hundreds of people – seating & tables provided too.
  2. Secondly, the basics for civilisation;
  • Food is served,
  • Beds and showers are available
  • & as well as a laundry that also provides a rudimentary change of apparel so a person with only the clothes they stand in can shower, change into a robe and then launder their clothes….

A sign for these places is in all languages and reads;

 Shelter First, Immigration Touchstone
– Find Your Way From Here

…and the operation is an agreed response by all the governments of the world and with the resources made available on the sites;  People, food, shelter, accomodation, liaisons for legal passport, etc. – all what makes it a worthwhile response to the issue, immigrants will find their means are vastly improved.
From this point, if they are attempting illegal entry into a country, there is little justifying it with the provision that has been made for them – given the amount of people this concept would be servicing, and the manpower it would require – simply secure them a job on site – they get food, accomodation and hygiene facilities and the basic rate of pay would let them build their profile towards new clothes, better jobs with eligibility gained from reliable attendance at this halfway staging….

It may seem a massive undertaking – but structures these days are light frames and technically capable of being a self-regulating thermostatic environment – it could so easily be the living breathing entity that is our human nature as an atmosphere of calm orderly conduct between people of many nationalities and backgrounds finds direction & purpose in one place – enough of their lives being an urgent scramble for a life on other shores…., put something en route that absorbs them into the right mentality & path they should be on!

eh? ha ha, …it started out as a tent.
…a moment, here it is, on Google Docs 

– Sketchup model can now be viewed and downloaded from,



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2 Responses to BBC News – Illegal immigrants flooding into the UK

  1. mrd916192 says:

    I feel ecstatic I found you website and here

  2. @mrd916192 – This is great 🙂  In much the same way I set up WordReunited – I love it when a plan comes together!

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