Very briefly, aside from the ‘campaign’. [UPDATE 16Feb2k11 – new graphic for UGW]

Take a bank note you usually carry, one that is enough to buy at least 20 cigarettes and get change.

  I’m using £10 for this, and a lighter, matches are also ok – just something you use to light a cigarette with;

Now, first we have to gauge the thickness of cigarette paper in this comparison.  A normal thick paper is 16-21 g/m².

Most banknotes are made of dense 80 to 90 grams per square meter cotton paper

Next, the circumference of a cigarette’s paper-wrapped cylinder generally less than 120 mm in length and 10 mm in diameter – we’ll say 80mm.

pi x diameter = 31.415926535897932384626433832795, we’ll say 31.42mm

31.42 x 80 = 2513.6mm² or 25.136cm²

This figure is for 16 – 21gsm and we need it for 80 – 90gsm, & using the average of each;
 (16+21) / 2 = 18.5gsm : (80+90) / 2 = 85gsm

So, (18.5 x 100) / 85 = 21.764705882352941176470588235294, we’ll say 21.76%

  Then 25.136 x 0.2176 = 5.4695936cm² equivalent paper…

    ….expressed as a fraction of a £10 note’s 75mm height;

546.95936 = 72.92791467% , we’ll say 73%, & instead perform the multiplication on 10mm

So that, a 7.3mm strip cut from the edge of a £10 note equates to a regular cigarette paper;

…Like this bit, would you snip it off, set it alight and let it finish burning in an empty jam jar, then take the lid off and breathe it all in ?

Basically up in smoke or gone with the wind – it’s just a kick in the chest to a money conscious person…., there’s no ascribed benefit to this part of the product except that it keeps the contents together while the fumes are inhaled…, so it is smoked too…..

  To illustrate another perspective (seeing as some will maintain I have pointed out something that looks like smoking twenty cigarette papers without tobacco and it costing me £10), consider the actual reason people have a commercial tobacco product – the habit, demand for it means they are manufactured in packets of twenty.  This is the crunch – an average cigarette yields about 1 mg of absorbed nicotine, but how much smoke is inhaled to deliver this??

I have been trying to find out the cubic measurement or the mg of actually inhaled tobacco smoke, and remembering; of which some is exhaled – it is not an exact science.

To do this successfully a filter would have to be weighed and then used to suck a burning cigarette from start to finish so that no smoke is drawn all the way through it – the filter is then weighed with the cigarette smoke in it.  This is the potential amount for maximum delivery of nicotine (the bit you’re paying for).  Most people do not fully inhale all the smoke, but it is the best way to do the sums and then say that of a packet of twenty, you’re probably smoking one to five whole cigarettes with no waste.  Oooops, more money up in smoke….;  see what I’m saying?

For the sake of being earnest – the perspective is this;
You want something where a cigarette ‘goes’ in your life, but when you have cigarettes it becomes an addictive drug habit and if you concede that’s what it is, but do not stop – then you effectively carry a disease….

…and if you do not smoke all of each cigarette, you are being ripped off in the process of degenerating your natural well-being.

Form - inhalant filter tip stick, Dosage - 20 per day, Strength - 1mg nicotine in 13mg tar [GRAPHIC



The basis of this point of view is that once you are needing the drug, but are not expressing a symptom other than the need for the drug, then you’ve got the symptoms of a drug habit for which you take the drug to get relief…., particularly because a packet of twenty is the usual amount and for some just one day’s worth after which they do the same the following day – Twenty what?  The word is ‘fixes’. 

There was a time when the amount in one cigarette would be apt for at least a day if not a week or more – even calling it a ‘life event’ & never doing it again, so you may not have to mind smokers continuing going to fix’abit because they could be a long way from such a ‘modest beginning’ – such as one would say commercially available packets of twenty filter tips have become the mainstream consumer product – but since when?  After the use of tobacco in cigarette form found increasing popularity during and after the Crimean War (1832: TURKEY: Invention of the paper-rolled cigarette?) – the first ‘manufactured’ cigarettes are 1860’s Bull Durham brand, perhaps 1931’s Parliament brand – but are they in packets of 20  & filter tipped?

Call those the culprit at any rate – they’re the tobacconist’s “wallpaper”

…& while the distinct clarion call is ‘alfresco will soon also be demanding of fresh air’
(smokers will be ordered to confine the habit to their registered domicile – effectively their coffin).

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