Is This The Future of Suture

Just had an idea – a clip that can be any size from two hair’s breadth strands to a bin lid size clasp….

This works on the surmise that nanotechnology can simulate human tissue and a clip can close up a wound and anything extraneous can literally fall off with no ill-effect, and especially no scarring.

This would work for face lifts, through to essential reconstructive surgery and cauterising, and even amputation.

I remember seeing a suture thread being used to steadily cut off the blood supply to a skin tag so it harmlessly falls away and this nanotissue clip seems like a natural advance with what science is deemed capable of with nanotechnology heralding new developments…

A further advance could be the ‘jelly mould’ for any replacement tissue growth to safely occur on the body, rather than grown and then grafted.

Anyone heard of such a thing?

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