Only the wording, however….

I have noticed the Google homepage sports a link to support victims of the cyclone in Burma;

Burma's eye clone

….& this has given rise to wondering: – Is it possible to create ‘support victims’?

Those individuals given the ‘restart’ into civilisation, who then continue needing support because they will in fact never reorient & recover, in effect their humanity is diminished by the traumatic events and then further still by the influx of aid which they definitely could not have survived without – but then they do not truly get the plug back in the socket, their ‘actual’ life is gone – like the last few bits rinsed off a chopping board, not into the recipe for a successfully nourishing step through daily existence, but into the scraps bin, still somewhere useful as a biological agent in the whole scheme of things, yet so far removed from their circumstances it would take a feat of mental reprogramming at a very intrinsic & fragile level of conscious awareness to help them on the way simply wiser and lucky to be alive – as it is, in this supposed ‘support victim’ scenario, [when] they are reduced to just holding out their hand & feeling so wretched about it that they are still being rinsed away with just a primal desire to acquire sustenance & shelter clinging to life as the host [overriding personality/character]…..   Some would say this is where the likes of Jesus Christ, or Saint Christopher is ‘carrying’ them through the difficult time & that they will eventually resurface – radically changed through the experience – but alive and eventually well enough to begin addressing greater degrees of independence.    Not for all however, and for some a life begun in the wake of disasters means a feral existence unable to touch upon those elements of a previous span in civilised community life….

How do you not create a ‘support victim’?

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